Graduate Certificate in Positive Behavior Support

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Program Details

The PBS Graduate Certificate core courses teach the behavior skills needed to contribute to the development of intensive, individual behavior support and the collaboration skills necessary to make the participant an effective member of a positive behavior support team. Additional courses allow participants to develop knowledge and expertise either in School-wide (K-12) or Program-wide (early childhood) Positive Behavior Support (PBS).

A total of 9 credits of "core" courses is required for this graduate certificate program, and include:

  1. Intensive Individualized PBS,
  2. Consultation and Collaboration, and either
  3. School-wide PBS or
  4. Addressing Behavior Challenges in Young Children

Students choose an additional one elective course (3 hours of electives), which may include the fourth core course, one of the listed electives, or an approved independent study. The approved electives are intended to add information about behavioral health systems, including mental health, thus creating a comprehensive certificate that should be attractive to a wide range of participants.

Students admitted to the program are required to complete the Introduction to PBS Module. This module takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete and should provide all students with basic information about individualized interventions and the PBS systematic approach in educational settings. The module can be accessed at this link: Introduction to PBS Module.

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